Highest Mountains in the World – Question, and Answer

Highest Mountains in the World – Question and Answer

Highest Mountains in the World – Question and Answer

1 Question: Which is the world highest mountain?

Answer: Mount Everest, Height 8,848 meter (29,029 ft), Country Nepal-China

2 Question: Which is the world second highest mountain?

Answer: K2, Height 8,611 meter (28,251 ft), Country Pakistan-China

3 Question: Which is the world third highest mountain?

Answer: Kanchenjunga, Height 8,586 meter (28,169 ft), Country Nepal-India

4 Question: Which is the world fourth highest mountain?

Answer: Lhotse, Height 8,516 meter (27,940 ft), Country Nepal-China

5 Question: Which is the world fifth highest mountain?

Answer: Makalu, Height 8,485 meter (27,838 ft), Country Nepal-China

6 Question: Which is the world sixth highest mountain?

Answer: Cho Oyu, Height 8,188 meter (26,864 ft), Country Nepal-China

7 Question: Which is the world seventh highest mountain?

Answer: Dhaulagiri, Height 8,167 meter (26,795 ft), Country Nepal

8 Question: Which is the world eighth highest mountain?

Answer: Manaslu, Height 8,163 meter (26,781 ft), Country Nepal

9 Question: Which is the world ninth highest mountain?

Answer: Nanga Parbat, Height 8,126 meter (26,660 ft), Country Pakistan

10 Question: Which is the world tenth highest mountain?

Answer: Annapurna, Height 8,091 meter (26,545 ft), Country Nepal

11 Question: Which is the Highest mountain in Asia ?

Answer: Mount Everest, Height 8,848 meter (29,029 ft), Country Nepal-China

12 Question: Which is the Highest Mountain in Europe ?

Answer: Mount Elbrus, Height 5,642 meter (18,510 ft), Country Russia

13 Question: Which is the highest mountain in Australia ?

Answer: Mount Kosciuszko, Height 2,228 meter (7,310 ft), Country New South Wales, Australia

14 Question: Which is the Highest mountain in North America ?

Answer: Mount McKinley, Height 6190 meter (20,310 ft), Country U.S.

15 Question: Which is the Highest mountain in Antarctica ?

Answer: Vinson Massif, Height 4,892 meter (16,050 ft)

16 Question: Which is the Highest mountain in South America ?

Answer: Aconcagua, Height 6,960.8 meter (22,837 ft), Country Argentina

17 Question: Which is the Highest mountain in Africa ?

Answer: Mount Kilimanjaro, Height 5,895 meter (19,341 ft), Country Tanzania

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General Knowledge Questions with Answers – About The World’s Waterfall, River, and Lake

General knowledge questions with answers  – About the World’s Waterfall, Rivers and Lakes

General knowledge questions with answers – About the World’s Waterfall

Question Answer
1: What is name of the largest waterfalls in the world? Victoria Falls
2: What is name of the second highest waterfalls in the world? Tugela Falls
3: What is name of the highest waterfalls in North America? Yosemite Falls
4: Where is the world’s largest underwater waterfalls? Denmark Strait
5: Where is the largest waterfalls in the world? Zimbabwe
6: What is name of the second largest waterfalls in the world? Victoria Falls
7: What are the most beautiful waterfalls in the world? Victoria Falls, Iguazu Falls, Angel Falls, Niagara Falls, Kaieteur Falls
8: Which is the highest waterfalls in the world? Angel Falls
9: “Angel Falls” is located in which country? Venezuela
10: What are the Millstream Falls? The extensive waterfalls in Australia
11: What is name of the biggest and most spectacular falls in South America? Iguazu Falls
12: “Sutherland Falls” is located in which country? New Zealand
13: What is name of the tallest waterfalls in Canada? Della Falls

General Knowledge Questions with Answers – About the World’s River

Question Answer
1: Which is the largest river in the world? Nile River
2: What is the name of the deepest river in the world? The Congo River
3: What is the deepest freshwater river in the world? Lake Baikal
4: What is the smallest river in the world? Roe River
5: What is the name of the widest river in the world? Amazon River
6: What is the cleanest river in the world? River Thames
7: The river Yangtze is located in which country? China
8: What is the shortest river in Scotland? River Morar
9: What is the most polluted river in the world? Citarum River
10: What is the main river in Scotland ? River Tay
11: The Yellow River (Huang He) is in which country? China
12: Which is the cleanest river in the India? Narmada
13: The river Lena is in which country? Ans: Russia
14: What river in the world flows backwards? Mississippi River
15: The river Mekong is a famous river in which continent? Asia
16: The river Murray Darling is in which country? Australia
17: The river Volga is a famous river in which country? Russia
18: The river Yukon is a famous river in which continent? North America

General Knowledge Questions with Answers – About the World’s Lake

Question Answer
1: What is name of the world’s largest lake ? Caspian Sea
2: In which country is the Great Salt Lake? United States
3: The world’s largest lake is located in __________ Asia
4: Ladoga is the largest lake in Europe. In which country it is ? Russia
5: In which country is the Great Slave lake ? Canada
6: Lake Baikal is the deepest lake in the world. In which country it is ? Russia
7: Winnipegosis is a lake. In which country it is ? Canada
8: In which countries Lake of the Woods is neighboured ? Canada-United States
9: What is name of the highest lake in the world ? Lake Titicaca
10: In which country Lake Victoria is not neighboured ? Democratic Republic of the Congo
11: What is name of the world’s longest freshwater lake ? Tanganyika Lake
12: Qinghai Lake is the largest lake in East Asia. In which country it is ? China
13: In which country is the Great Bear Lake ? Canada
14: Khanka is a lake. In which continent it is ? Asia
15: The lake Superior is located in __________ North America
16: What is name of the world’s largest permanent desert lake ? Lake Turkana
17: What is name of the world’s largest subglacial lake ? Lake Vostok
18: What is the oldest lake in the world ? Lake Baikal
19: What is name of the great lake in the Africa ? Lake Victoria
20: What is the clearest lake in the world ? Blue Lake
21: What is name of the deepest lake in North America ? Great Slave Lake
22: What is the smallest lake in the world ? Lake Baikal

Longest Rivers In The World

List of the Longest rivers in the world, which countries are located, and their short description.

Longest Rivers In The World

Top 10 longest rivers in the world

1. Amazon River (River in South America)

The Amazon River, usually abbreviated to The Amazon, in South America is the largest river by discharge volume of water in the world and according to most authorities, the second longest in length. Amazon is the eighth-oldest river on Earth by age (200 million years).

Length: 6,992 km
Basin: 7,050,000 km2 (2,722,000 sq mi)
Source: Mantaro River
Mouth: Atlantic Ocean
Countries: Brazil, Peru, Colombia

2. Nile( River in Africa)

The Nile is a major north-flowing river in northeastern Africa, and is commonly regarded as the longest river in the world, though some sources claim that the Amazon River is longer.

Length: 6,853 km
Source confluence: near Khartoum
Mouth: Mediterranean Sea
Sources: Blue Nile, White Nile

3. Yangtze( River in China)

The Yangtze, which is 6380 km long, is the longest river in Asia and the third-longest in the world. The river is the longest in the world to flow entirely within one country.

Length: 6,300 km
Basin: 1,808,500 km2 (698,266 sq mi)
Mouth: East China Sea
Source: Qinghai
Cities: Chongqing, Yibin, Luzhou, Jingzhou, Panzhihua

4. Yellow River( River in China)

The Yellow River or Huang He is the third longest river in Asia, after the Yangtze River and Yenisei River, and the sixth-longest river system in the world at the estimated length of 5,464 km.

Length: 5,464 km
Basin: 752,546 km2 (290,560 sq mi)
Source: Bayan Har Mountains
Mouths: Yellow Sea, Bohai Sea
Cities: Zhengzhou, Jinan, Kaifeng, Luoyang, Lanzhou, Yinchuan, Baotou, Wuhai

5. Paraná River( River in South America)

The Paraná River is a river in south Central South America, running through Brazil, Paraguay, and Argentina for some 4,880 kilometres. It is second in length only to the Amazon River among South American rivers.

Length: 4,880 km
Mouth: Río de la Plata
Basin: 2,582,672 km2 (997,175 sq mi)
Sources: Paranaíba River, Rio Grande
Cities: Salto del Guairá

6. Congo River( River in Africa)

The Congo River is the second longest river in Africa after the Nile and the second largest river in the world by discharge volume of water, and the world’s deepest river with measured depths in excess of 220 m.

Length: 4,700 km
Basin: 4,014,500 km2 (1,550,007 sq mi)
Mouth: Atlantic Ocean
Sources: Chambeshi River, Lake Tanganyika, East African Rift, Lake Mweru
Cities: Brazzaville, Kinshasa, Kisangani, Matadi

7. Mekong( River in Asia)

The Mekong is a trans-boundary river in Southeast Asia. It is the world’s 12th-longest river and the 7th-longest in Asia. Its estimated length is 4,350 km, and it drains an area of 795,000 km², discharging 475 km³ of water annually.

Length: 4,350 km
Basin: 795,000 km2 (307,000 sq mi)
Source: Lasagongma Spring
Mouth: Mekong Delta
Countries: Vietnam, China, Thailand, Myanmar (Burma), Laos, Cambodia

8. Lena River (River in Russia)

The Lena is the easternmost of the three great Siberian rivers that flow into the Arctic Ocean. It is the 11th longest river in the world and has the 9th largest catchment area. It is also the 3rd largest river in Asia.

Length: 4,294 km
Source: Baikal Mountains
Basin: 2,500,000 km2 (965,255 sq mi)
Mouths: Laptev Sea, Arctic Ocean
Cities: Yakutsk, Ust-Kut, Lensk, Olyokminsk, Kirensk, Pokrovsk

9. Irtysh River( River in Asia)

The Irtysh River is a river in Russia, China, and Kazakhstan. It is the chief tributary of the Ob River. The river’s source lies in the Mongolian Altai in Dzungaria close to the border with Mongolia.

Length: 4,248 km
Source: Altai Mountains
Mouth: Ob River
Main source: Altay Mountains
Cities: Omsk, Pavlodar, Oskemen, Semey, Aksu, Kazakhstan

10. Niger River (River in Africa)

The Niger River is the principal river of western Africa, extending about 4,180 km. Its drainage basin is 2,117,700 km² in area. Its source is in the Guinea Highlands in southeastern Guinea.

Length: 4,180 km
Source: Guinea Highlands
Basin: 2,117,700 km2 (817,649 sq mi)
Mouths: Gulf of Guinea, Atlantic Ocean
Cities: Niamey, Bamako, Timbuktu, Onitsha, Lokoja, Tembakounda

Source : wikipedia

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Sports – General Knowledge Questions and Answers

About Sports – General Knowledge – Questions and Answers

Sports – General Knowledge Questions and Answers

Question Answer
1. In 1924 the first winter Olympics was held in ? Ans: France
2. 2010 Commonwealth Games held in ? Ans: India
3. Oval stadium in England is associated with ? Ans: Cricket
4. 2010 World Cup football tournament was held in? Ans: South Africa
5. The maximum number of Gold medals in Olympics 2008 was won by ? Ans: U.S.A.
6. Eden Gardens in Kolkata is ……… stadium.? Ans: Cricket
7. The 2014 football world cup held in? Ans: Brazil
8. Ronaldo is associated with ? Ans: Football
9. Icc’s 2007, the World Cup Cricket was held in ? Ans: West Indies
10. How many gold medals won by India in 2010 Commonwealth Games ? Ans: 38
11. 2009 Davis cup was won by ? Ans: Spain
12. The 2008 Olympics was held at ? Ans: Beijing
13. The head quarters of International Olympic Committee is at ? Ans: Lausanne(Switzerland)
14. First Indian woman to win WTA singles title is ? Ans: Saniya Mirza
15. The game of hockey originated in ? Ans: France
16. Ricky Ponting is also known as what? Ans: Punter
17. World’s most ancient game is ? Ans: Wrestling
18. How long are professional Golf Tour players allotted per shot? Ans: 45 seconds
19. Who is the first Indian woman to win an Asian Games gold in 400m run? Ans: Kamaljit Sandhu
20. The National Game of India is ? Ans: Hockey
21. When was Amateur Athletics Federation of India established? Ans: 1946
22. The National Game of Japan is ? Ans: Jujutsu
23. India won its first Olympic hockey gold in ……. ? Ans: 1928
24. Who won the 1993 “King of the Ring”? Ans: Bret Hart
25. Where did India play its 1st one day international match? Ans: Headingley
26. The nickname of Glenn McGrath is what? Ans: Pigeon
27. Which cricketer died on the field in Bangladesh while playing for Abahani Club? Ans: Raman Lamba
28. Who was the 1st ODI captain for India? Ans: Ajit Wadekar
29. Where did the 1st ODI match was played in India? Ans: Ahmedabad
30. Who was the first captain of Indian Test team? Ans: C K Nayudu
31. Which country won the Cricket World Cup in 1999? Ans: Australia
32. What is the name of the person that controls a football match? Ans: A referee
33. The Asian Games were held in Delhi for the first time in…? Ans: 1951
34. In what year was the first international cricket match held? Ans: 1844 between Canada and the USA
35. When was the first cricket Test match played? Ans: 1877
36. ‘Dizzy’ is the nickname of what Australian player? Ans: Jason Gillespie
37. The nickname of wicketkeeping great Rod Marsh was what? Ans: Lagoon
38. Which city of United States hosted Olympic Games in 1996? Ans: Atlanta
39. How many players are there in Water Polo team? Ans: 7
40. The 13th Asian Games were held in Ans: Bangkok
41. Maradona is a famous player associated with? Ans: Football
42. In which city the Asian Games first took place? Ans: New delhi
43. Wimbledon is a place connected with Ans: Lawn Tennis
44. First Olympic Games were held in Ans: 776 BC
45. The famous player ‘Pele’ is associated with which games? Ans: Football
46. What is the length of each stump in the cricket? Ans: 28 inches
47. Which is the national sport of Canada? Ans: Lacrosse/Ice hockey
48. The ‘Agha Khan Cup’ is associated with which game? Ans: Hockey
49. Which country had started Football World? Ans: Uruguay
50. Who was the winner of Football World Cup in 2010? Ans: Spain
51. Who was the winner of Football World Cup in 2014? Ans: Germany
52. Who was the winner of Football World Cup in 2018? Ans: France

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List of Scientific Names of Animals

List of Scientific Names of Animals

Common Name Scientific Names
Horse Equus ferus caballus
Deer Artiodactyl cervidae
Goat Capra hircus
Giraffe Giraffa horridus
Cobra Elaphidae naja
Ass Equs asinus
Rabbit Leoparidae cuniculas
Panda Alurpoda melanoleuca
Cat Felis catus
Elephant Proboscidea elepahantidae
Buffalo Bison bonasus
Crocodile Crocodilia niloticus
Bat Chiroptera
Cheetah Acinonyx jubatus
Dolphin Delphinidae delphis
Dog Canis lupus
Tiger Panthera tigris
Lion Panthera leo
Housefly Musca domestica
Bear Ursidae carnivora
Lepoard Panther pardus
Ant Hymenopetrous formicidae
Black buck Antilope cervicapra
One-horned rhino Rhinoceros unicornis
Wild Buffalo B. bubalis arnee
Gaur Bos gaurus
Lizard Sauria lacertidae
Squirrel Sciuridae
Camel Camelus
Fishing cat Prionailurus viverrinus
Gayal Bos frontalis
Chimpanzee Pan troglodytes
Cougar Fenis concolour
Fox Cannis vulpes
Hyena Hyaenidae carnivora
Pig Artiodactyla suidae
Spider Monkey Arboreal ateles
Tiger Cat Felis tigrina

Biography of famous person

Biography of famous person

William Shakespeare


Date of Birth(App:)- April 26, 1564
Date of death- April 23, 1616

William Shakespeare the greatest english poet, dramatist and actor of england. He was born at stratfordon avon and was educated at the free grammar school there. He left stratford in 1585, and arrived in london in 1586. Here he became connected with different theatres and subsequently began writing dramas. Among his plays may be mentioned
Julius Caesar, Romeo and Juliet, Macbeth, Hamlet, The Merchant of Venice, Antony and cleopatra.



(469 BC – 399 BC)

Socrates was a great philosopher as well as a great teacher of humanity. He lived in Athens in Greece about 2500 years ago. founder and eponym of Socratic method.

Mother teresa

mother teresa

(1910 – 1997)

Mother teresa born in Yugoslavia albania. Her name was Bojaxhiu, Agnes Gonxha. She came to Calcutta in 1928. She was offered the citizenship of India In 1948. She 17 years teaching in Calcutta St. marriage school. Established in 1950, missionaries of charity. She was given the Nobel Prize for peace In 1979. She died on 5 September 1997.

Some important english technical terms – Question and Answer

Some Important English technical terms – Question and Answer

1. Q: Do you know what is “Yellow-dog contract” ?
Ans: Yellow-dog contract is an agreement between owner and employee for not to being a member of a trade union or labour union in the United States specially. Such act was cancelled in 1932 under the Norris-La Guardia act.

2. Q: What is “Yellow Journalism” ?
Ans: When a lots of news and views are published in any newspaper or megazines which are unreal or negative or sensational those are called yellow journalism.

3. Q: “Alma mater”. What does it mean ?
Ans: A school or University or an educational institution where one took education or at present taking education that is called Alma Mater.

4. Definition of “Assessment” .
Ans: To ascertain tax on anything is called Assessment.

5. Q: What is “Autocracy” ? Does anyone like Autocracy ?
Ans: Selfwilled Government. By his system a Govt. or Governing body direct the country willingly not showing any explanation or transperancy to any medium. It is fully unwelcome, unwanted or unexpected by the citizen of a country.

6. Q: Whare do we use “Yellow flag” ?
Ans: Yellow flag is used where it is confirmed that there are infectous diseases all around. Besides it is used for showing confined ships.

7. Q: Who is “Attache” ?
Ans: Assisting member of an ambassador. An attache is responsible to look after a section from the section of Education, Culture, Martial, Labour etc.

8. Q: What is “Balloon Barrage” ?
Ans: It’s a prevention system of war when one side manages to let fly balloons to stop air raid of enemy side. It is needed when one side of the war try to take rest or leisure for sometime.

9. Q: Do you know what “Belligerent” is ?
Ans: Countries who are engaged in fighting / frenziedly fighting or preparation for war.

10. Q: What does it mean “Blue Books” ?
Ans: The statement book of Royal court/ special court/ durbar of England. Its cover is blue. So it is named after that reason.

11. Q: What is “Black shirt” ?
Ans: The fascist group of Mussolini in Italy. He created this as his political by-pass. It was formed in 23 March, 1923 and deactivated in 29 July, 1943.

12. Q: Which situation we called “Brain Drain” ?
Ans: A lots of trained educated people go to abroad because of earning money, high job, business etc. It is seen especially in undeveloped country or developing countries very much. For that reason, such countries lose their educated people or committed person of skill and suffer a lot. This situation is called brain drain.

13. Q: What is “Blue laws” ?
Ans: It is an act to interfere on personal freedom. This act is enormously introduced and applied in the USA.

14. Q: “Cheap money” what does it mean ?
Ans: It is the situation of that time when the bank or profit rates are low than any other time.

15. Q: Do you know what “Warrant” is ?
Ans: It is a written order of an authority especially police Thaana/station. It is given by the authority to arrest anyone for searching or investigating.

16. Q: What is “Buffer State” ?
Ans: Buffer state means to establish an independent or neutral country in the middle of two large and powerful country for removing confliction or warlike situation.

17. Q: When does “Civil war” happen ?
Ans: It’s a war which is being happened between the Government and the Indigenous hostiles or rebels. It’s an unexpected war for every nation. When the people of a country lose their confidence on their Govt. or Authority, then it is confirmed to run.

18. Q: “Capitulation” means what ?
Ans: Capitulation means to surrender to the enemy group on the settled condition. But, during this surrender time such conditions are very humiliating /insulting.

19. Q: What is “Bureaucracy” ?
Ans: Bureaucracy means centralization of ruling Government’s power to the different portfolio /bureau and unnecessary interferes by the permanent Govt. service holder on various subjects.

Some scientific terminology

Some scientific terminology

AnthropologyHumans origin and development of related sciences.
ApicultureBeekeeping Science.
AnatomyResources for learning about people’s organs.
ArchaeologyArcheology, ancient ruins related sciences.
AstronomyAstrology scripture, the sun, the moon, the stars and planets, and related sciences.
AvicultureBirds of sciences.
AstrologyPredictions science.
AntomologyBeetle – insect and pest related sciences.
DemographyOf a nation statistics related to science.
EcologyLife of environment-related science.
EvolutionExpression, animal origin and their development related science .
GeneticsOrganism of genital science.
GeologyGeology, the world’s structure, history, prehistoric plants and animals, minerals, etc. related to science.
GeopoliticsThe geographical political Related science.
HorticultureGardening techniques, vegetables and fruit tree production related sciences.
MetallurgyMetallurgy, pure metal prepared related science.
MeteorologyWeather and climate-related science.
NeurologyNerve-related science.
OpticsLighting techniques, light quality and religion-related science.
PhilologyLanguage related sciences.
PiscicultureFish cultivation related science.
PhilatelyCollection of postage related science.
RadiologyRoentgen ray-related sciences.
SericultureCocoon insect cultivation related science.
SeismologyBecause of the earthquake, and the results of research.
ToxicologyToxin-related science.

Miscellaneous General Knowledge Questions and Answers

Miscellaneous General Knowledge Questions and Answers

1. In which country did the `sauna’ originate? Ans. Fin
2. On which day and which year did America declare itself an independent country? Ans. 4th July 1776
3. Which is lighter, gold or plastic? Ans. Plastic
4. How many cents are there in a Australian dollar? Ans. 100.
5. What should you say in English if someone sneezes? Ans. Bless you
6. Who wrote `Animal Farm’? Ans. George Orwell.
7. Which explorer discovered the sea-route to India by rounding the Cape of Good Hope? Ans. Vasco de Gamma.
8. Which country is popularly called `The Land of the Maple Leaf’? Ans. Canada.
9. Which U.S President was assassinated in 1865? Ans. Abraham Lincoln.
10. A good husband should be deaf and a good wife blind’’. What are these sayings called? Ans. Proverbs.
11. What do English people say before a meal? Ans. Nothing.
12. Which is longer the Danube or Volga River? Ans. Volga
13. What is the currency of Greece? Ans. Drachma.
14. When did English last win the football world cup? Ans. 1966.
15. Which planet is named after the Roman god of war? Ans. Mars.
16. Zimbabwe attained independence in-? Ans. 1980.
17. World War ll commenced in-? Ans. 1939.
18. World War l commenced in-? Ans. 1914
19. Why did Pakistan leave the commonwealth in 1971? Ans. Due to recognition of Bangladesh.
20. Who drafted the Declaration of American Independence? Ans. Thomas Jefferson.
21. Which was the Napoleon’s last battle in which he was captured and exiled to St Helena? Ans. Battle of Waterloo.
22. Which country suffered the maximum in World War II? Ans. Japan
23. Which among the following battles was not fought by Napoleon? Ans. Battle of the Jutland
24. When was the war of American independence fought? Ans. 1775.
25. To which of the following countries did Karl Marx belong? Ans. Germany.
26. The war of roses in European history is associated with the ci? Ans. Germany

English Language General Knowledge Quiz Questions and answers

English Language General Knowledge Quiz Questions and answers

1.What is the first novel in English? Ans: Pamela
2.When it was published? Ans: In 1740
3.Who wrote it? Ans: Samuel Richardson
4.What is the first English Comedy? Ans: Ralph Roister Doister
5.When it was Staged? Ans: In 1553
6. Who wrote it? Ans: Nicholas Udall
7.What is the first EnglishTragedy ? Ans: Gorbuduc
8.When it was staged? Ans: In 1561
9.Who wrote it? Ans: Sackville and Norton
10.Who is the first printer in English? Ans: William Caxton
11.What is the oldest document of English literature? Ans: Beowulf
12.written time of Beowulf Ans: About 650AD (app:)
13.First English printing press Ans: In 1476
14.First printing book in English Ans: Morte d’ Arthur. In 1485.
15.Who is called the bird of Avon? Ans: Shakespeare
16.Who is called the father of English Essays? Ans: Francis Bacon (1561-1626)
17.which is the first historical drama in English? Ans: Marlowe’s ‘Edward II’
18.Shakespeare’s First play Ans: Love’s labour lost
19 .Shakespeare’s last play Ans: The Tempest
20. How many plays he wrote? Ans: 37 plays