English Language General Knowledge Quiz Questions and answers

1.What is the first novel in English? Ans: Pamela
2.When it was published? Ans: In 1740
3.Who wrote it? Ans: Samuel Richardson
4.What is the first English Comedy? Ans: Ralph Roister Doister
5.When it was Staged? Ans: In 1553
6. Who wrote it? Ans: Nicholas Udall
7.What is the first EnglishTragedy ? Ans: Gorbuduc
8.When it was staged? Ans: In 1561
9.Who wrote it? Ans: Sackville and Norton
10.Who is the first printer in English? Ans: William Caxton
11.What is the oldest document of English literature? Ans: Beowulf
12.written time of Beowulf Ans: About 650AD (app:)
13.First English printing press Ans: In 1476
14.First printing book in English Ans: Morte d’ Arthur. In 1485.
15.Who is called the bird of Avon? Ans: Shakespeare
16.Who is called the father of English Essays? Ans: Francis Bacon (1561-1626)
17.which is the first historical drama in English? Ans: Marlowe’s ‘Edward II’
18.Shakespeare’s First play Ans: Love’s labour lost
19 .Shakespeare’s last play Ans: The Tempest
20. How many plays he wrote? Ans: 37 plays