Scientific equipment and work

Audio phoneHearing is used to increase
AltimeterThe height mach meter
CompassTo determine the direction of the machine.
Calorimeterheat measure Machine.
CrescographPlant growth meter.
CardiographyHeart rate determine device
CalculatorCalculating device
ComputerCalculation, data formats, and save the device
DynamoMechanical energy is converted to electrical energy.
GalvanometerSmall values of power flow diagnostics Machine.
HydrophoneWater down the sound recording device.
IncubatorDepicted eggs machine.
KronometerThe time mach meter.
LactometerThe milk is pure mach meter.
ManometerTo determine the gas pressure gauge.
MicroscopeSmall objects of large viewing device.
OdometerElectrical flow oscillation recorded in the device
PedometerOcean depth diagnosis machine.
PhonogramSongs, speeches, Recitation etc. recording equipment.
RobotOne type of self-powered machine.
RadiometerHeat radiation meter
RefrigeratorFrozen machine
Rain gaugeRain mach meter
Richter ScaleEarthquake energy mach meter
RadarTo determine the dynamic device object using radio waves
SeismographSeismic scales.
SpeedometerVehicle speed mach meter.
SekstantTwo object detection machine.
SphygmomanometerBlood pressure mach meter
ThermometerAir temperature gauge.
TachometerAircraft and motor boat speed definition device
TelescopeThe remote thing to see device
TransformerPower’s used device
X-rayThis electro-magnetic waves with very small wave length