Some scientific terminology

AnthropologyHumans origin and development of related sciences.
ApicultureBeekeeping Science.
AnatomyResources for learning about people’s organs.
ArchaeologyArcheology, ancient ruins related sciences.
AstronomyAstrology scripture, the sun, the moon, the stars and planets, and related sciences.
AvicultureBirds of sciences.
AstrologyPredictions science.
AntomologyBeetle – insect and pest related sciences.
DemographyOf a nation statistics related to science.
EcologyLife of environment-related science.
EvolutionExpression, animal origin and their development related science .
GeneticsOrganism of genital science.
GeologyGeology, the world’s structure, history, prehistoric plants and animals, minerals, etc. related to science.
GeopoliticsThe geographical political Related science.
HorticultureGardening techniques, vegetables and fruit tree production related sciences.
MetallurgyMetallurgy, pure metal prepared related science.
MeteorologyWeather and climate-related science.
NeurologyNerve-related science.
OpticsLighting techniques, light quality and religion-related science.
PhilologyLanguage related sciences.
PiscicultureFish cultivation related science.
PhilatelyCollection of postage related science.
RadiologyRoentgen ray-related sciences.
SericultureCocoon insect cultivation related science.
SeismologyBecause of the earthquake, and the results of research.
ToxicologyToxin-related science.