Highest Mountains in the World – Question, and Answer

Highest Mountains in the World – Question and Answer

Highest Mountains in the World – Question and Answer

1 Question: Which is the world highest mountain?

Answer: Mount Everest, Height 8,848 meter (29,029 ft), Country Nepal-China

2 Question: Which is the world second highest mountain?

Answer: K2, Height 8,611 meter (28,251 ft), Country Pakistan-China

3 Question: Which is the world third highest mountain?

Answer: Kanchenjunga, Height 8,586 meter (28,169 ft), Country Nepal-India

4 Question: Which is the world fourth highest mountain?

Answer: Lhotse, Height 8,516 meter (27,940 ft), Country Nepal-China

5 Question: Which is the world fifth highest mountain?

Answer: Makalu, Height 8,485 meter (27,838 ft), Country Nepal-China

6 Question: Which is the world sixth highest mountain?

Answer: Cho Oyu, Height 8,188 meter (26,864 ft), Country Nepal-China

7 Question: Which is the world seventh highest mountain?

Answer: Dhaulagiri, Height 8,167 meter (26,795 ft), Country Nepal

8 Question: Which is the world eighth highest mountain?

Answer: Manaslu, Height 8,163 meter (26,781 ft), Country Nepal

9 Question: Which is the world ninth highest mountain?

Answer: Nanga Parbat, Height 8,126 meter (26,660 ft), Country Pakistan

10 Question: Which is the world tenth highest mountain?

Answer: Annapurna, Height 8,091 meter (26,545 ft), Country Nepal

11 Question: Which is the Highest mountain in Asia ?

Answer: Mount Everest, Height 8,848 meter (29,029 ft), Country Nepal-China

12 Question: Which is the Highest Mountain in Europe ?

Answer: Mount Elbrus, Height 5,642 meter (18,510 ft), Country Russia

13 Question: Which is the highest mountain in Australia ?

Answer: Mount Kosciuszko, Height 2,228 meter (7,310 ft), Country New South Wales, Australia

14 Question: Which is the Highest mountain in North America ?

Answer: Mount McKinley, Height 6190 meter (20,310 ft), Country U.S.

15 Question: Which is the Highest mountain in Antarctica ?

Answer: Vinson Massif, Height 4,892 meter (16,050 ft)

16 Question: Which is the Highest mountain in South America ?

Answer: Aconcagua, Height 6,960.8 meter (22,837 ft), Country Argentina

17 Question: Which is the Highest mountain in Africa ?

Answer: Mount Kilimanjaro, Height 5,895 meter (19,341 ft), Country Tanzania

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List of Scientific Names of Animals

List of Scientific Names of Animals

Common Name Scientific Names
Horse Equus ferus caballus
Deer Artiodactyl cervidae
Goat Capra hircus
Giraffe Giraffa horridus
Cobra Elaphidae naja
Ass Equs asinus
Rabbit Leoparidae cuniculas
Panda Alurpoda melanoleuca
Cat Felis catus
Elephant Proboscidea elepahantidae
Buffalo Bison bonasus
Crocodile Crocodilia niloticus
Bat Chiroptera
Cheetah Acinonyx jubatus
Dolphin Delphinidae delphis
Dog Canis lupus
Tiger Panthera tigris
Lion Panthera leo
Housefly Musca domestica
Bear Ursidae carnivora
Lepoard Panther pardus
Ant Hymenopetrous formicidae
Black buck Antilope cervicapra
One-horned rhino Rhinoceros unicornis
Wild Buffalo B. bubalis arnee
Gaur Bos gaurus
Lizard Sauria lacertidae
Squirrel Sciuridae
Camel Camelus
Fishing cat Prionailurus viverrinus
Gayal Bos frontalis
Chimpanzee Pan troglodytes
Cougar Fenis concolour
Fox Cannis vulpes
Hyena Hyaenidae carnivora
Pig Artiodactyla suidae
Spider Monkey Arboreal ateles
Tiger Cat Felis tigrina

Some scientific terminology

Some scientific terminology

AnthropologyHumans origin and development of related sciences.
ApicultureBeekeeping Science.
AnatomyResources for learning about people’s organs.
ArchaeologyArcheology, ancient ruins related sciences.
AstronomyAstrology scripture, the sun, the moon, the stars and planets, and related sciences.
AvicultureBirds of sciences.
AstrologyPredictions science.
AntomologyBeetle – insect and pest related sciences.
DemographyOf a nation statistics related to science.
EcologyLife of environment-related science.
EvolutionExpression, animal origin and their development related science .
GeneticsOrganism of genital science.
GeologyGeology, the world’s structure, history, prehistoric plants and animals, minerals, etc. related to science.
GeopoliticsThe geographical political Related science.
HorticultureGardening techniques, vegetables and fruit tree production related sciences.
MetallurgyMetallurgy, pure metal prepared related science.
MeteorologyWeather and climate-related science.
NeurologyNerve-related science.
OpticsLighting techniques, light quality and religion-related science.
PhilologyLanguage related sciences.
PiscicultureFish cultivation related science.
PhilatelyCollection of postage related science.
RadiologyRoentgen ray-related sciences.
SericultureCocoon insect cultivation related science.
SeismologyBecause of the earthquake, and the results of research.
ToxicologyToxin-related science.

Miscellaneous General Knowledge Questions and Answers

Miscellaneous General Knowledge Questions and Answers

1. In which country did the `sauna’ originate? Ans. Fin
2. On which day and which year did America declare itself an independent country? Ans. 4th July 1776
3. Which is lighter, gold or plastic? Ans. Plastic
4. How many cents are there in a Australian dollar? Ans. 100.
5. What should you say in English if someone sneezes? Ans. Bless you
6. Who wrote `Animal Farm’? Ans. George Orwell.
7. Which explorer discovered the sea-route to India by rounding the Cape of Good Hope? Ans. Vasco de Gamma.
8. Which country is popularly called `The Land of the Maple Leaf’? Ans. Canada.
9. Which U.S President was assassinated in 1865? Ans. Abraham Lincoln.
10. A good husband should be deaf and a good wife blind’’. What are these sayings called? Ans. Proverbs.
11. What do English people say before a meal? Ans. Nothing.
12. Which is longer the Danube or Volga River? Ans. Volga
13. What is the currency of Greece? Ans. Drachma.
14. When did English last win the football world cup? Ans. 1966.
15. Which planet is named after the Roman god of war? Ans. Mars.
16. Zimbabwe attained independence in-? Ans. 1980.
17. World War ll commenced in-? Ans. 1939.
18. World War l commenced in-? Ans. 1914
19. Why did Pakistan leave the commonwealth in 1971? Ans. Due to recognition of Bangladesh.
20. Who drafted the Declaration of American Independence? Ans. Thomas Jefferson.
21. Which was the Napoleon’s last battle in which he was captured and exiled to St Helena? Ans. Battle of Waterloo.
22. Which country suffered the maximum in World War II? Ans. Japan
23. Which among the following battles was not fought by Napoleon? Ans. Battle of the Jutland
24. When was the war of American independence fought? Ans. 1775.
25. To which of the following countries did Karl Marx belong? Ans. Germany.
26. The war of roses in European history is associated with the ci? Ans. Germany

Question and Answer — Animals

Question and Answer — Animals

1.Which is the most long lived creature in the world? Ans: Tortoise
2.Which snake is the most poisonous? Ans: King Cobra
3.Which animals are left handed? Ans: Polar bears
4.Which bird can rotate its head to 270 degrees? Ans: Owl
5.Which is the largest bird in the world? Ans: Ostrich
6.Which insect has appr.12,000 eyes? Ans: Butterfly
7.What is the original name of Butterfly? Ans: Flutterby
8.How many species of animals in the world? Ans: About 12,00,000
9.How many species of birds in the world? Ans: About 1,00,000
10.Which bird can’t make its nest? Ans: Cuckoo
11.Which is the largest hunter bird? Ans: Candour
12.Which is the fast moving bird? Ans: Swift bird
13.Which is the largest sea bird in the world? Ans: Albatros
14.Which fish can’t see? Ans: Shark
15.What is Tapetum lucidum? Ans: A layer of Extra reflecting cells which absorb light.
16.Which animal has that absorbing light cells? Ans: Cat
17.Which is the largest frog in the world? Ans: Goliath frog
18.Which fish has the sensitivity of the sound? Ans: Shark
19.Which bird can sleep standing on one leg? Ans: Crane
20.Which insects don’t sleep? Ans: Ants