Abbreviation — A B C D E F




ABC Australian Broadcasting Co.
ABU Asian Broadcasting Union.
ACU Asian Clearing Union.
ADB Asian Development Bank.
ADF African Development Found.
AFC Asian Football Confederation.
AFP Agency of France Press.
AI Amonesty International.
ALICO American Life Insurance Company.
AIT Asian Institute of Tecnologhy.
ANN Asian News Network.
AOC Air Officer Commanding.
APD Academy for Planning and Development.
APA Associate Press of America.
APCC Asian and Pacific Coconut Community.
APO Asian Productivity Organization.
ARC Asian Reinsurance Corporation.
ASC African Socialist Council.
ASEAN Association of South East Asian Nations.
ADC Additional Deputy Commissioner.
ADP Annual Development programme.
AGM Assistant General Manager.
AHQ Army Head Quarters.
AMS Army medical Service.
APD Academy for Planning Development.
AGP Assam Gana Parishad.
AITUC All India Trade Union Congress.
AASU All Assam Student’s Union.
AICC All India Congress Committee.
ANC African National Congress.


BBC British Broadcasting Corporation.
B.Sc Bachelor of Science.
B.Pharm Bechelor of Pharmacy.
BL Bechelor of Law.
BA Bechelor of Arts.
BC British Council.
BAF Bangladesh Air Force.
BAL Bangladesh Awami League.
BARI Bangladesh Agriculture Research Institute.
BAU Bangladesh Agricultural University.
BB Bangladesh Biman.
BCCB Bangladesh Cricket Control Board.
BFA Bangladesh Football Association.
BFF Bangladesh Football Federation.
BFS Bangladesh Fire Service.
B. Com. Bechelor of Commerce.
BOP Balance of Payment.
BKB Bangladesh Krishi Bank.
BMA Bangladesh Medical Association.
BN Bangladesh Nevy.
BOA Bangladesh Olympic Association.
BPC Bangladesh petroleum Corporation.
BPS Bangladesh Photographic Society.
BRTC Bangladesh Road Transport Corporation.
BSC Bangladesh Shipping Corporation.
BKSP Bangladesh Krira Shikkha Pratisthan.
BTUC Bangladesh Trade Union Centre.
BNP Bangladesh National Party.
BNCC Bangladesh National Cadet Core.


CAF Confederation of African Football.
CAIS Central American Integration System.
CBD Convention of Biological Diversity.
CBI Central Bureau of Investigation.
CDU Christian Democratic Union.
CE Civil Engineer.
CFE Conventional Force in Europe.
CH Companion of Honour.
CIA Central Intelligence Agency.
CID Criminal Investigation Department.
CMN Common Market Nations.
CNA Central News Agency.
CNN Cable News Network.
CO Commanding Officer.
COE Council of Europe.
CP Colombo Plan.
CRI China Radio International.
CRPF Central Reserve Police Force.
CSE Certificate of Secondary Education.
CSS Centre for Social Studies.
CA Civil Aviation.
CEC Chief Election Commissioner.
CEPZ Chittagong Export Processing Zone.
CMP Chittagong Metropolitan police.
CSS Chistian Service Society.
CUTA Chittagong University Teachers Association.
CUFFL Chittagong Urea Fertilizer Factory Limited.
CHTDB Chittagong Hill Tracts Development Board.
CENTO Central Treaty Organization.
CITU Centre of Indian Trade Union.
CHOGM Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting.
COFEPOSA Conservation of Foreign Exchange and Prevention of Smuggling Act.


D.Sc. Doctor of Science.
DAC Development Assistance Committe.
DCL Doctor of Civil Law.
DD Doctor of Divinity. / Deputy Director.
DG Director General.
DPI Doctor of Public Instruction.
DV Diversity Visa.
DLO Dead Letter Office.
D.Lit Doctor of Literature.
DOHE Defence Officer’s Housing Estate.
DIT Dhaka Improvement Trust.
DC Deputy Commissioner.
DCC Dhaka City Corporation.
DMC Dhaka Municipal Corporation.
DIG Deputy Inspector General.
DVC Damodar Vally Corporation.
DPH Director of Public Health.
DIGP Deputy Inspector General Police.
DMSA Dhaka Metropolice Sports Association.
DGCA Director General of Civil Aviation.
DNMI Dhaka National Medical Institute.
DSE Dhaka Stock Exchange.
DTE Directot of Technical Education.
DUTA Dhaka University Teachers Association.
DUJ Dhaka Union of Journalists.


EAC East Asian Community.
EADB East African Development Bank.
EAEG East Asian Economic Group.
EAS East Asian Summit.
EC European Commission.
ECA Economic Commission of Africa.
ECC European Cricket Council.
ECE (UN) Economic Commission of Europe.
ECG Electro Cardio Gram.
ECLA Economic Commission fo Latin America.
ECM European Common Market.
ECO Economic Co-operation Organisation.
ECT Electro Compulsive Therapy.
EDP Electronic Data Processing.
EFTA European Free Trade Association.
EIB European Investment Bank.
EP European Parliament.
EPO European Patent Organisation.
ESA European Space Agency.
ESF European Science Foundation.
EU European Union.
EPZ Export Processing Zone.
ERL Eastern Refinery Limited.
ESMA Essential Services Maintenance Act.
ERD Economic Relations Division.
ECOSOC (UN) Economic and Social Commission.
ECAFE (UN) Economic Commission for Asia and the Far East.
ECLA (UN) Economic Commission for Latin America.
EEC European Economic Community.
EDC European Defence Community.
ESCAP Economic and Social Commission for Asia and the Pacific.


FA Football Association.
FBA Fellow of British Academy.
FAO Food and Agriculture Organization.
FAPE Fund of Association to Private Education.
FDC Film Development Corporation.
FIFA Federation of International Football Association.
FRCP Fellow of the Royal College of Physicians.
FRCS Fellow of the Royal College of Surgery.
FOB Free On Board.
FBI Federal Bureau of Investigation.
FRS Fellow of the Royal Society.
FIEO Federation of Indian Export Organizations.
FNB First National Bank.
FTI Federation of Thai Industries.
FM Foreign Minister.
FEC Foreign Exchange Certificates.
FPA Family Planning Assistants.
FIC Flood Information centre.
FPBA Family Planning Association of Bangladesh.
FECTT Foreign Exchange Conservation Travel Tax.
FWA Family Welfare Association.
FWC Family Welfare Centre.
FERA Foreign Exchange Regulation Act.


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