Abbreviation — N O P Q R S




NAC Non -Aligned Committe /National AIDS Committee.
NA National Assembly.
NAM Non- Aligned Movement.
NABARD National Bank for Agriculture and Rural Devt.
NAFTA North American Free Trade Agreement.
NANAP Non-Aligned News Agencies Pool.
NAP New Aspairation Party.
NATO North Atlantic Treat Organization.
NAU North American Union.
NB Nota Bene.
NCC National Cadet Crops.
NCERT National Council of Educational Research and Training.
NCO Non Commissioned Officer.
NC Nordic Council.
NDA National Defence Academy.
NDF Nordic Development Fund.
NDI National Democratic Institute.
NEC North Economic Council.
NEFA North Easterm Frontier Agency.
NGFF Nutural Gas Fertilizer Fectory.
NGO Non-Governmental Organization.
NHPC National Hydroelectric Power Corporation.
NIAS Nordic Institute of Asian Studies.
NIB Nordic Investment Bank.
NMA Nepal Medical Association.
NNI Net National Income.
NNPT Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty.
NNN NAM News Network. / Nippon News Network.
NP Notary Public.
NPA New Peoples Army.
NPF National Patriotic Front.
NREP National Rural Employment Programme.
NTPC National Thermal Power Corporation.
NYT New York Time.


OAS Organization of American States.
OAU Organization of African Unity.
OAP Old Age Pensioner.
OAPNA Organization of Asian Pacific News Agency.
OAPEC Organization of Arab Petroleum Exporting Countries.
O-Level Ordinary Level.
OCR Ordinary Capital Resources.
OECD Organization of Economic Co-operation and Development.
OED Oxford English Dictionary.
OEEC Organization of European Economic Co-operation.
OPEC Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries.
OIC Organization of Islamic Conference.
OFDA Office of us Foreign Disaster Assistance.
OBSS On Bangladesh State Service.
OCAB Overseas Correspondent Association of Bangladesh.
OECS Organization of Eastern Caribbean States.
OFC Oceania Football Confederation.
ONGC Oil and Natural Gas Commission.


PA Personal Assistant. / Press Association.
PAEC Pakistan Atomic Energy Commission.
PC Personal Computer.
PCS Public Civil Service.
PCB Pakistan Cricket Board.
PDF Pakistan Defence Force.
PIF Pacific Islands Forum.
PFLT People’s Front of the Liberation Tiger’s.
PG Post Graduate.
PMG Post Master General.
PhD Doctor of Philosophy.
PHED Public Health Engineering Department.
PIA Pakistan International Airlines.
PLHIV People Living with HIV and AIDS.
PLO Palestine Liberation Organization.
PM Prime Minister / Post Master.
PNA Pakistan National Assembly.
PNC Palestine National Council.
PNCB Pakistan Narkotics Control Board.
PODO Public Office Discoalification Ordinance.
POW Prisoners of War.
PP Public Prosecutor.
PPP Pakistan Peoples Party.
PR Public Relations.
PRO Public Relation Officer.
PST Pacific Standard Time.
PSTN Public Switched Telephone Network.
PTA Pre-paid Travel Arrangement.
PTO Please Turn Over.
PTI Press Trust of India.
PUK Patriotic Union of Kurdistan.
PWD Public Works Department.
PUCL People Union for Civil Liberties.
PSC Public Service Commission.
PSA Port of Singapore Authority.
PORAM Palm Oil Refiners Association of Malaysia.
PHC Primary Health Centre.
PMO Principal Medical Officer.
PLI Postal Life Insurance.


Q Ouestions.
QC Queen’s Council.
QMG Quarter Master General.
QM Quarter Master.


RA Royal Academy.
RADA Royal Academy of Dramatic Arts.
R&D Research and Development.
RADAR Radio Detection and Ranging.
RAF Royal Air Force.
RAM Royal Academy of Music.
RAW Research and Analysis Wing.
RBA Reproductive Biology Associates.
RCC Revolutionary Command Council.
RCM Royal College of Music.
RDC Research and Development Centre.
RDRA Regional Director of the Railway.
RFSA Russian Federal Space Agency.
RG Rio Group.
RM Royal Marines.
RMS Railway Mail Service.
RN Royal Navy.
RUF Revolutionary United Front.
R&H Roads and Highways.
RHC Rural Health Centre.
RWP Rural Works Programme.


SAARC South Asian Association for Regional Cooperation.
SAF Structural Adjustment Facility.
SAFTA South Asian Free Trade Area.
SAIC SAARC Agricultural Information Centre.
SALT Strategic Arms Limitation Talks.
SAM Surface to Air Missile.
SANA South Asian News Agency.
SAPO South African Peoples Organization.
SAPTA SAARC Preferential Trade Arrangement.
SAYE Save As You Earn.
SCC SAARC Cultural Centre.
SCZMC SAARC Coastal Zone Management Centre.
SCITI Small and Cottage Industries Training Institute.
SDI Strategic Defence Initiative.
SDMC SAARC Disaster Management Centre.
SDC SAARC Documentation Centre.
SDR Special Drawing Right.
SEADO South East Asian Defence Organization.
SEC SAARC Energy Centre.
SEATO South East Asian Treaty Organization.
SEAC South East Asia Command.
SF Science Fiction.
SFC SAARC Forestry Centre.
SHAEF Supreme Headquarters of the Allied Expeditionary Force.
SHAPE Supreme Headquarters of Allied Powers in Europe.
SHRDC SAARC Human Resources Development Centre.
SICC Singapore International Chamber of Commerce.
SIC SAARC Information Centre.
SIDA Swedish International Development Agency.
SIGG SAARC’s Inter-Governmental Group.
SIS Secret Intelligence Service.
SIM Subscriber Identity Module.
SLORC State Law and Order Restoration Council.
SMPP Short Message Peer-to-peer Protocol.
SMCR SAARC Meteorological Research Centre.
SMS Short Message Service.
SNPA Specialised New Programme of Action.
SOE State Owned Enterprises.
SOS Save Our Souls.
SPCA Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals.
SPCC Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children.
SPO Special Police Officer.
SRG Study and Research Group.
SRO Standing Revenue Order.
START Strategic Arms Reduction Treaty.
STC SAARC Tuberculosis Centre.
SSC Secondary School Sertificate.
SWC Storm Warning Centre.
SFYP Second Five Year Plan.
SWAPO South-West African People’s Organization.


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