Computer Based Abbreviations — A B C D E F


Computer Based Abbreviations


ANSI American National Standart Institute.
APDU Application Protocol Data Unit.
API Application Programmers Interface.
APL A Programming Language.
APSE Ada Programming Support Environment.
APT Automatically Programmed Tools.
ARMA Auto Regressive Moving Average.
ARPA Advance Research Projects Agency.
ARPANET Advance Research Projects Agency Network.
ASCC Automatic Sequence Controlled Calculator.
ASCII American Standard Code for Information Interchange.
ASIC Application Specific Intergraded Circuit.
AT Advance Technology.
AT&T American Telephone and Telegraph.
ATM Adobe Tape Manager./ Automatic Teller Machine.
ATL Automatic Tape Library.
AU Arithmetic Unit.
AWT Abstract Windowing Toolkit.


BASIC Beginner’s All Purpose Symbolic Instruction Code.
BBS Bulletin Board System.
BCD Binary Coded Decimal.
BCHC Bose Chandhuri Hocquenghem Code.
BCPL Basic Combined Programming Language.
BCR Bar Code Recogniser.
BCS British Computer Society./ Bangladesh Computer Society.
BCWA Bangladesh Computer Writers Association.
BERNET Bangladesh Education and Research Network.
BIND Berkeley Internet Name Domain.
BIP Business Information Processing.
BIOS Basic Input Output System.
BISDN Broadband Integrated Services Digital Network.
BNF Backup Normal Form.
BISYNC Binary Synchronous Communications.
BIT Binary digit.
BOOTP BOOT Strap Protocol.
BOS Basic Operation System.
BOTM Beginning of Tape Marker.
BPI Bits Per Inch.
BPS Bits Per Second.
BSC Binary Symmetric Channel.
BWF Best Web Face.


CATV Community Antenna Television.
CBL Computer Based Learning.
CBT Computer Based Training.
CCD Changed Couple Device.
CD Compact Disk.
CDC Control Data Corporation.
CDL Computer Description Language.
CDR Contents of Decrement Register.
CDROM Compact Disk Read Only Memory.
CGA Color Graphics Adapter.
CIC Custom Internal Cables.
CICS Customer Information Control System.
CIM Computer Import Microfilm.
CIR Current Instruction Register.
CIS Compact Interactive Standard.
CISC Complex Instruction Set Computer.
CMI Computer Managed Instruction.
CMMU Cache Memory Management Unit.
CMOS Complementary Metal Oxide Semiconductor (COSMOS)
CMS Conservational Monitor System.
CNF Conjunctive Normal Form.
COBOL Common Business Oriented Language.
CODaSyL Conference On Data System Languages.
COM Computer Output Microfilm / Microfiche.
COMAL Common Algorithmic Language.
COMDEX Computer Dealers Exposition.
CPM Control Program for Microcomputers.
CPI Character Per Inch.
CAD Copputer Aided Design.
CADMAT Computer Aided Design Manufacturer and Testing.
CAI Computer Assisted Instruction.
CAL Computer Aided Learning.
CAM Computer Aided Manufacturing. / Content Addressable Memory.
CAR Content of address Register.
CAS Content Addressable Storage.
CASE Computer Aided Software Engineering.
CAT Computer Aided Testing.
CPL Combined Programming Language.
CPM Critical Path Method.
CPS Character Per Second.
CPU Central Processing Unit.
CR Carriage Return.
CRC Cyclic Redundancy Check.
CREN Consortrum for Research and Education Network.
CRT Cathode Ray Tube.
CSMA Carrier Sense Multiple Access.
CSPDN Circuit Switch Public Data Network.
CU Control Unit.
AW Control Word.
CWR Connected Word Recognition.


DAC Digital to Analogue Converter.
DARPA Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency.
DASD Direct Access Storage Device.
DAV Digital Audio Video.
DBA Data Base Administration.
DBCS Double Byte Character Set.
DBMS Data Base Management System.
DCE Data Communication Equipment.
DCA Document Content Architecture.
DCL Data control Language.
DD Data Dictionary.
DDC Direct Digital Control.
DDCMP Digital Data Communication Message Protocol.
DDE Direct Data Entry.
DDL Data Definition Language./ Data Description Language.
DDS Digital Data Service.
DDVUJ Distribution Data Visualization Using Java.
DEC Digital Equipment Corporation.
DES Data Encryption Standard.
DFD Data Flow Diagram.
DIL Dual In Line
DILP Dual In Line Package.
DLC Data Link Control.
DLT Digital Linear Tape.
DMA Direct Memory Access.
DME Direct Machine Environment.
DML Data Manipulation Language.
DNS Domain Name System.
DOS Disk Operating System.
DP Data Processing.
DPCM Diferential Pulse Code Modulation.
DPI Dot Per Inch.
DPL Data Protection Legislation.
DPM Data Processing Manager.
DQDB Distributed Que Dual Bus.
DR Data Register.
DRAM Dynamic Random Access Memory.
DRO Destructive Read Out.
DSDD Double Sided Double Density.
DSL Data Sub Language.
DSP Digital Singnal Processor.
DSS Decision Support System.
DTE Data Terminal Equipment.
DTL Data Transistor Logic./ Diode Transistor Logic.
DTP Desk Top Publishing.


ECL Emitter Coupled Logic.
ECMA European Computer Manufacturer’s Association.
ECS Embedded Computer System.
EDA Exploratory Data Analysis.
EDI Electronic Data Interchange.
EDIFACT Electronic Data Interface For Administration Commerce and Transport.
EDP Electronic Data Processing.
EDS Exchangeable Disk Store.
EDSAC Electrically Delay Storage Automatic Calculator.
EDVAC Electronic Discreet Variable Automatic Calcolator.
EEPROM Electronic Erasable Programmable Read Only Memory.
EFT Electronics Funds Transfer.
EFTPOS Electronics Funds Transfer and Point of Sale.
EGA Enhanced Graphics Adapter.
EHT Extra High Tension.
EFTS Electronics Fund Transfer System.


F.keys Function Keys.
FAQ Frequently Asked Questions.
FAST Federation Against Software Theft.
FAT File Allocation Table.
FAX Facsimile.
FCC Federal Communication Commission.
FCS Frame Check Sequence.
FDC Floppy Disk Controller.
FDD Floppy Disk Drive.
FDDI Fibre Distributed Data Interface.
FDM Frequency Division Multiplexing.
FEA Finite Element Analysis.
FEP Front End Processor.
FET Field Effect Transistor.
FF From Feed./ Flip Flop.
FFT Fast Fourier Transform.
FGL Fourth Generation Language.
FIFO Fat In Fast Out.
FIPS Federal Information Processing Standard.
FM File Manager./ Frequency Modulation.
FORTRAN FORmula TRANslation.
FRAM Ferromagnetic Random Access Memory.
FSA Finite State Automation.
FSK Frequency Shift Keying.
FTAM File Transfer Access and Management.
FTP File Transfer Protocol.


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