Computer Based Abbreviations — G H I J K L M


Computer Based Abbreviations


GB Gega Byte.
GCD Greatest Common Divisor.
GCR Group Code Recording.
GIGO Garbage In Garbage Out.
GINO Graphical Input Output.
GIS Geographic Information System.
GKS Graphics Kernel System.
GPC General Purpose Computer.
GPIB General Purpose Interface Bus.
GUI Graphical User Interface.
GWBASIC Gee Whiz Beginner’s Allpurpose Symbolic Instruction Code.


H-Zone Hyphenation Zone.
HCI Human Computer Interface.
HDC Hard Disk Controller.
HD High Density.
HDD Hard Disk Drive.
HDLC High-level Data Link Control.
HDPS Heavy Duty Power Supply.
HGA Hercules Graphice Adapter.
HGC Hercules Graphics Card.
HIPO Hierarchy Plus Input Process Output.
HIPOC Hierarchy Plus Input Process Output Chart.
HMB Higher Memory Block.
HMI Horizontal Motion Index.
HSMOS High Speed Metal Oxide Semiconductor.
HP Hewlett Packard.
HPF Highest Priority First.
HPFS High Performance File System.
HSM Hierarchical Storage Management.


I / O Input / Output.
IAB Iternet Architecture Board.
IA5 International Alphabet, Number-5.
IAL International Algorithmic Language.
IAR Instruction Address Register.
IAS Institute Advance Study./ Immediate Access Store.
IBG Inter Block Gap.
IBM International Business Machine.
IC Integrated Circuit.
ICL International Computers Limited.
ICMP Internet Control Message Protocol.
ID Identification.
IDE Integrated Drive Electronics.
IDN Integrated Digital Network.
IDP Integrated Data Processing.
IEE Institute of Electrical Engineers.
IEEE Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers.
IEN Internal Experiment Note.
IESG Internet Engineering Steering Group.
ILS Integrating Legacy System.
IMP Interface Message Processor.
IOP Input Output Processor.
IOS International Organization for Standradization.
IP Internet Protocol./ Information Processing.
IPL Initial Program Load.
IPR Itellectual Property Right.
IPX Internetwork Packet Exchange.
IR Instruction Register.
IRC Internet Relay Chat.
IRG Inter Record Gap.
IRQ Inter Rupt Request.
IRR Iternal Rate of Return.
ISA Industry Standard Architecture.
ISAM Index Sequential Access Mode.
ISDN Integrated Services Digital Network.
ISO International Standards Organization.
ISOC Iternet Society.
ISR Intermission Storage and Retrieval.


JAWT Java Abstract Windowing Toolkit.
JBA Java Beats Activex.
JCL Job Control Language.
JEIDA Japanese Electronic Industry Development Association.
JTM Job Transfer and Manipulation.
JOVIAL Jules’s Own Version of International Algorithmic Language.


K Kilo.
KB Kilo Byte.
KBPS Kilo Byte Per Second.
KPO Key Punch Operator.


L-System Lindenmeyer System.
LAN Local Area Network.
LANE Local Area Network Emulation.
LAP Link Access Protpcol.
LAPB Link Access Protocol Balanced.
LBA Linear Bounded Automation.
LCD Liquid Crystal Disply.
LCM Least Common Multiple.
LDE Local Discretization Error.
LED Light Emitting Diode.
LFU Least Frequency Used.
LF Line Feed.
LHN Long Haul Network.
LIF Low Insertion Force.
LIFO Last In First Out.
LIM Lotus / Intel / Microsoft.
LIS Land Information System.
LISP List Processing.
LLC Logical Link Control.
LPI Line Per Inch.
LRC Longitudinal Redundancy Check.
LSB Least Significant Digit.


M Mega.
MAC Medium Access Control.
MAN Metropolitan Area Control.
MAR Memory Address Register.
MB Mega Byte.
MBPS Million Bits Per Second.
MBR Memory Buffer Register.
MCA Micro Channel Architecture.
MCGA Multi-Color Graphics Array.
MDA Monochrome Display Adapter.
MDR Memory Data Register.
MDWC Misaligned Data Wastes Cycles.
MFC Microsoft Foundation Class.
MFD Mini Floppy Disk.
MFM Modified Frequency Modulation.
MFLOPS Million-Floating Point Operation Per Second.
MGA Monochrome Graphic Adapter.
MHS Message Handling Service.
MHz Megahertz.
MIB Management Information Base.
MICP Microsoft Internet Control Pack.
MICR Magnetic Ink Character Recognition.
MIDI Musical Instrument Digital Interace.
MIMD Multiple Instruction Multiple Data.
MIMDP Multiple Instruction Multiple Data Processing.
MIPS Million-Instruction Per Second.
MIS Management Information System.
MISAPI Microsoft Internet Services Application Programmers Interface.
MISD Multiple Instruction Single Data.
MIT Mechasusets Institute of Technology.
MLMA Multi Level Multi Access.
MLOP Multidimensional On-line Analytical Processing.
MMU Memory Management Unit.
MODEM Modulator and Demodulator.
MOHLL Machine Oriented High Level Language.
MOS Microsoft Operating System. / Metal Oxide Semiconductor.
MOSFET Metal Oxide Semiconductor Field Effect Transistor.
MOTIS Message Oriented Text Interchange System.
MPD Mask Programmable Device.
MPEG Motion Picture Expert Group.
MPU Micro Processor Unite.
MS Message Store./ Microsoft.
MS-DOS Microsoft Disk Operating System.
MSD Most Significant Digit.
MSFF Master Slave Flip Flop.
MSI Medium Scale Integration.
MSS Master Slave System.
MTA Message Transfer Agent.
MTBF Mean Time Between Failures.
MTC Magnetic Tape Cartridge.
MTL Merged Transistor Logic.
MTS Michigan Terminal System.
MTU Magnetic Tape Unit.
MUX Multiplexed.
MVS Multiprogramming with Variable.
MVSO Multiple Virtual System Option.


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