Computer Based Abbreviations — N O P Q R S


Computer Based Abbreviations


NAK Negative Acknowledgment.
NBCD Natural Binary Coded Decimal.
NCP Network Control Protocol.
NCR National Cash Register.
NDRO Non-Destructive Read Out.
NETBIOS Network Basic Input / Output System.
NI Norton Index.
NIC Network Interface Cared./ Network Information Centre.
NLQ Near Letter Quality.
NL Natural Language.
NMI Non Mask bale Interrupt.
NOS Network Operating System.
NPDU Network Protocol Data Unit.
NPL National Physical Laboratory.
NPQ Near Photographic Quality.
NPV Net Present Value.
NRZ Non Return to Zero.
NS Nero Second.
NSAP Netscape Service Access Point.
NSAPI Netscape Server Application Programmers Interface.
NTFTP Network Independent File Transfer Protocol.
NVRAM Non Volatile Random Access Memory.
NVT Network Virtual Terminal.


OCD Open Collector Device.
OCR Optical Character Recognition.
ODD Optical Disk Drive.
OEM Original Equipment Manufacturer.
OHP Over Head Panel.
OIS Organizational Information System.
OLE Object Linking and Embedding.
OMR Optical Mark Reading.
OOP Object Oriented Programming.
OR Operations Research.
OS/2 Operating System /2.
OS Operating System.
OSF Open System Foundation.
OSI Open System Interconnection.
OTP One Time Programmable.


PABX Private Automatic Branch Exchange.
PACE Pilot Automatic Computing Engine.
PAD Packet Assembler / Disassembler.
PAL Programmable Array Logic.
PAR Positive Acknowledgement and Retransmission.
PARC Palo Alto Research Centre.
PBX Private Branch Exchange.
PCB Printed Circuit Board.
PC Personal Computer./ Program Counter.
PCI Protocol Control Information./ Peripheral Component Interconnect.
PCM Pulse Code Modulation.
PCR Punched Card Reader.
PCMCIA Personal Computer Memory Code International Association.
PDA Push Down Automation.
PDD Portable Disk Drive.
PDL Page Description Language./ Program Design Language.
PDN Public Data Network.
PDU Protocol Data Unit.
PE Phase Encoded.
PEDS Perkin Elmer Data System.
PERT Progress Evaluation and Review Technique.
PGA Pin Grid Array.
PIA Peripheral Interface Adapter.
PIC Programmable Interface Controller.
PIN Personal Identification Number.
PIPO Parallel In Parallel Out.
PIO Parallel Input Output.
PISO Parallel In Serial Out.
PIT Programmable Internal Time.
Pixel Picture Element.
PL Programming Language.
PLA Programmed Logic Array.
PLL Phase Locked Loop.
PLP Packet Layer Protocol.
PM Phase Modulation.
PMBX Private Manual Branch Exchange.
POL Problem Oriented Language.
POP Post Office Protocol.
POSE Product of Sums Expression.
POST Power On Self Test.
PPC Proof of Partial Correctness.
PPI Programmable Peripheral Interface.
PPM Page Per Minute.
PPN Public Packet Network.
PPP Point to Point protocol.
PPS Post Production System.
PRF Pulse Repetition Frequency.
PROM Programmable Read Only Memory.
PSA Problem Statement Analyzer.
PSK Phase Shift Keying.
PSL Problem Statement Language.
PSN Packet Switching Network.
PSPACE Polynomial Space.
PSPDN Packet Switched Public Data Network.
PSW Processor Status Word.
PTIME Polynomial Time.
PTT Postal Telegraph and Telephone.


QAM Quadrature Amplitude Modulation.
QBE Query By Example.
QIL Query Interactive Language.
QL Query Language.
QPSK Quadrature Phase Shift Keying.


RAD Random Access Device.
RAID Redundant Array of Inexpensive Disks.
RAM Random Access Memory.
RASPM Random Access Stored Program Machine.
RCA Ripple Carry Adder.
RCH Robotics Cartridge Handler.
RDBMS Relational Data Base Management System.
RFI Radio Frequency Interference.
RGB Red / Green / Blue.
RHDM Removable Hot Drive Modules.
RISC Reduced Instruction Set Computer.
RJE Remote Job Entry.
RKL Runge Kutta Methods.
RLL Run Length Limited.
RMC Reed Muller Codes.
ROM Read Only Memory.
RPG Report Program Generator.
RPN Reverse Polish Notation.
RPROM Reprogramable Read Only Memory.
RSC Reed Solomon Codes.
RSI Repetitive Strain Injury.
RTC Real Time Clock.
RTL Register Transistor Logic.
RTS Request To Send.


SAA Systems Application Architecture.
SADT Structured Analysis and Desinge Technique.
SAP Self Adapting Process./ Service Access Point.
SC Sequential Circuit.
SCR Sequence Control Register.
SCSI Small Computer System Interface.
SDLC Synchronous Data Link Control.
SEL Systems Engineering Lab.
SIDE Super Integrated Drive Electronics.
SIMD Single Instruction Multiple Data.
SIMM Single Line Memory Module.
SIPO Serial In Parallel Out.
SIO Serial Input Output.
SIPP Single In-line Pin Profile.
SISO Serial In Serial Out.
SISD Single Instruction Single Data.
SOPE Some of Products Expression.
SOS Silicon On Sapphire.
SPARC Scaleable Processor Architecture.
SPC Stored Program Control.
SPEC Systems Performance Evaluation Cooperative.
SPOOL Simultaneous Peripheral Operation On-Line.
SPSS Statistical Package for Social Science.
SQA Software Quality Assurance.
SQL Structured Query Language.
SRAM Static Random Access Memory.
SRTA Scanning Reduces Tap Access.
SSA SIMM Socket Adapter.
SSCP System Service Control Point.
SSD Single Sided Disk.
SSI Small Scale Integration.
SSP System Support Program.


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