Famous Lines of the World

Famous Lines of the World

Line’s Name

Marked / Connected Country

Line of Demarcation Portugal-Span
McNamara Line North & South Vietnam
Maginot Line Germany-France
Mannerheim Line Finland-Russia
Oder- Neisse Line Germany-Poland
Radcliffe Line India-Bangladesh/ Bangladesh-India/ Bangladesh-Myanmar
Alpine Line Italy-France
Siegfried Line Germany-France
Durand Line  Afghanistan-Pakistan
Hindenburg Line Germany-Poland
Blue line Lebanon –Israel
Foch line Poland-Russia
Curzon Line Poland-Lithuania
Sonora Line Mexico-USA
Line of Control India-Pakistan
Line of  Actual Control India-China
Purple Line Israel –Syria
Green Line Israel & Neighbouring country
McMahon Line India-China
Military Demarcation South Korea –North Korea
LineNorthem (North) Limit Line South Korea –North Korea


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