Information of Football

Information of Football

Football’s Place of birthChina.
Football game field sizeRectangle, 100-120 yards * 50-56 yards
Football’s a circumference27-28 inches
Football’s ideal weight14-16 ounces
Number of player Two groups of total 22 people
During a football match90 minutes (45 minutes after the break)
Total Football’s fatherJohan cruyff, Holland,
World football’s main organization nameFIFA
FIFA’s full nameFederation of Iternational Football Association.
FIFA was founded isFrance, 1 May, 1904
The first president of FIFAJulerim
The world’s biggest soccer stadium nameMaracana Stadium, Brazil.

The game is associated with the word : Free Kick, Corner Kick, Penalty kick, Drop Kick, Goal Kick, Throw in, Off Side, Touch Down, Dribbling, Goal.



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