Information of Game – Handball, Chess, Swimming, Boxing, Badminton and Kabadi

Information of Game – Handball, Chess, Swimming, Boxing, Badminton and Kabadi


Handball game pioneerHolger Nielson
Measurement of handball playground40 * 20 meters
Men’s handball game time limitTotal 70 minutes (10 minutes breaks)
Size of handball game goal postSpread 3 meters, height 2 meters
Women’s Handball first included in the OlympicsMontreal Olympics, Since 1976
Contests held the first international handballBetween Austria vs. Germany
First Champion teamAustria


The origin of chessIndia.
Estimated origin of chess100 BC
Chess game original nameQuadruple
World chess highest organization nameFIDE
FIDE is established20 july 1924
The highest chess titleGrand Master
International chess organization nameInternational Chess Federation ( ICF )
World Chess Championship startsSince 1886
Subcontinent’s first Grand Master title achieversVishwanath Ananda ( India)
World’s youngest chess FIDE masterNowruz Farhan Noor

The game is associated with the word : Gambit, Checkmate, Stalemate, Bishop.


Swimming in the game known asJapan’s Emperor seijin ( 36 BC ).
International Swimming Control Organization NameFederation Internationale de Natation Amateur ( FINA )
Contests held the first international swimmingAustralia, Sydney, since 1846
Swimming included the Olympics ContestsAthens, since 1896
Women participated in the Olympic swimming competitionsince 1912
International Swimming Championship tournament startedsince 1973
First Olympic swimming gold winnerAlfred hajos, Hungary, since 1896

The game is associated with the word : Free Style, Breast Strokes, Butterfly, Crawl, Swimming, Underwater.


Boxing’s creativeThiseas.
Boxing included the Olympics1904
Boxing’s father isJack bradenton
Boxing’s first regulations promoterJack bradenton
Modern law is the first World Heavyweight Boxing championshipsince 1892
Women vs. Men fight in boxing history, is the first9 october 1999


Badminton originIndia.
Badminton competition was started insince 1877
The International Badminton Federation was formed since 1934
Badminton is included in the Olympicssince 1922, with five events – men’s and women’s singles, men’s and women’s doubles, and mixed doubles.
Badminton is included in Commonwealth gamessince 1966
Type of BadmintonType of three ( Singles, Doubles, Mixed doubles )

Badminton single and double court’s sizeSingles 44 ft * 17 ft and Doubles 44 ft * 20 ft )
Badminton net width2 ft 6 inch
Badminton net height from the soil5 ft ( 1.524 metres )
The number of feathers of Shuttlecock14 – 16

The game is associated with the word : Doublers, Drop, Deuce, Fault, Smash, Let, Mixed, Doubles.


Kabadi first starts isIn India.
First tournament was held in the Asian kabadiKolkata, since 1980
Asian games are included in first kabadisince 1990
SAF games are included kabadiDhaka SAF games, since 1985
Number of players in each team kabadi12 players
Kabadi match field measurements12.5 meters * 10 meters
First World Cup held in kabadi isIndia, since 2004
First World Cup kabadi champion team India
Kabadi match used wordsLona, lobi



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