International Important Days

International Important Days

1 January Global Family Day.
2 January World Population Control Day.
10 January World Laughter Day.
26 January International tariff Day.
27 January International Day of holocaust.
30 January World Leprosy Eradication Day.

2 February World wetlands Day.
4 February World cancer Day.
14 February Global Love Day.
15 February International Child Cancer Day.
20 February World Day of Social Justice.
21 February International Mother Language Day.
22 February World Thinking Day.
28 February National Science Day.

3 MarchWorld Book Day.
8 MarchInternational Women’s Day.
Second Monday of MarchThe Commonwealth Day.
10 MarchWorld Kidney Day.
14 MarchWorld Pie Day.
15 MarchWorld Consumer Rights Day.
15 MarchWorld lame Day.
20 MarchWorld Youth Day.
21 MarchPoetry Day.
21 MarchWorld Forest Day.
21 MarchInternational Day of against racial discrimination.
22 MarchWorld Water Day.
23 MarchWorld Meteorological Day.
24 MarchWorld Tuberculosis Day.
27 MarchWorld drama Day.

2 AprilAutism Awareness Day.
7 AprilWorld Health Day.
12 AprilInternational street child Day.
16 AprilGlobal Voices Day.
17 AprilWorld hemophilia Day.
18 AprilWorld Heritage Day.
21 AprilGlobal Youth Service Day.
22 AprilWorld Earth Day.
23 AprilWorld Book and Copyright Day.
25 AprilWorld Malaria Day.
26 AprilWorld Intellectual Property Day Resources.
26 AprilInternational word Awareness Day.
27 AprilWorld Children’s Day.
28 AprilInternational staff remembrance Day.
29 AprilInternational Dance Day.

1 MayWorld Workers Day.
3 MayWorld press freedom day.
5 MayInternational midwife Day.
Second Sunday of MayWorld mother’s Day.
8 MayWorld Red Cross Day.
8 MayInternational thalassemia Day.
12 MayInternational Nurses Day.
12 MayWorld Hypertension Day.
15 MayInternational Family Day.
17 MayWorld Information Society Day.
17 MayWorld Telecommunication Day.
18 MayInternational Museum Day.
19 MayWorld Hepatitis Day.
22 MayInternational Biodiversity Day.
26 MayWorld Tobacco Free Day.
28 MaySafe Motherhood Day.
29 MayUN peacekeepers Day.
31 MayWorld Smoking boycott Day.

1 JuneInternational Children’s Day.
5 JuneWorld Environment Day.
8 JuneWorld Ocean Day.
12 JuneWorld Child Labour Prevention Day.
14 JuneWorld Blood Donor Day.
17 JuneWorld Drought Prevention Day.
20 JuneInternational Refugee Day.
21 JuneWorld Music Day.
Third Sunday of JuneWorld Father’s Day.
23 JuneInternational Olympic Day.
26 JuneInternational anti-drug day.

First Sunday of JulyInternational Co-operative Day.
11 JulyWorld Population Day.
17 JulyInternational Justice Day.

3 AugustInternational Friendship Day.
6 AugustHiroshima Day.
8 AugustWorld Senior Citizens Day.
9 AugustNagasaki Day.
12 AugustWorld Youth Day.
19 AugustWorld Humanitarian Day.

5 SeptemberInternational Peace Day.
8 SeptemberInternational Literacy Day.
15 SeptemberInternational Democracy Day.
16 SeptemberInternational ozone layer protects Day.
24 SeptemberMeena Day.
27 SeptemberWorld Tourism Day.
28 SeptemberWorld rabies day.
last week of September World Naval Day.

1 October World Elder’s Day.
2 October International Day of non-violent.
4 October World Animal Welfare Day.
5 October World Teachers Day.
9 October World Postal Day.
12 October World Vision Day.
13 October UN International Day for Natural Disaster Reduction.
15 October World white cane day.
15 October World Rural Women’s Day.
16 October World Food Day.
17 October International Day of Elimination of Poverty.
24 October United Nations(UN) Day.
24 October World Development Information Day.
31 October World thrift Day.

12 November World Architecture Day.
14 November World Diabetes Day.
17 November World Student Day.
20 November African Industrialisation Day.
29 November Palestine Solidarity Day.

1 December World AIDS Day.
3 December World Handicapped Day.
5 December International Volunteer Day.
7 December International Civil Aviation Day.
9 December World Day of Prevention of corruption.
10 December Human Rights Day.
11 December World Mountain Day.


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