The name of the inventor and his discovery — Medical

The name of the inventor and his discovery — Medical

Discovery, Inventor and Country Name

AyaromaisinDogarUnited States, Since 1948.
Addition heartBernard, ChristianAfrica, Since 1967.
Artificial geneHar Gobind khoranaIndia, Since 1968.
BacteriaLiuyen hookNetherlands, Since 1676.
EsprinDresarGermany, Since 1889.
Cholera bacillusRabat KACGermany, Since 1940.
CocaineNaimyanGermany, Since 1860.
DiphtheriaSizbekUnited States, Since 1913.
Diphtheria prophylacticPhanberingGermany, Since 1981.
D.N.A.Ulkimas WatsonUnited States and United Kingdom, Since 1951.
KarbomaisinTenarGermany, Since 1952.
Blood processingHarveyUnited Kingdom, Since 1628.
ChloroformSimpson and HarrisonUnited States, Since 1831.
Embryo scienceCurry emast bhanbeyarEstonia, Since 1896.
Measles vaccineAnderson and John piblasUnited States, Since 1954.
KloromisetinBarkhondarUnited States, Since 1947.
QuinineRebhiGermany, Since 1918.
Narcotic (Ethar)LongUnited States, Since 1885.
Rabies ProphylacticLouis pasteurFrance, Since 1885.
Organism cellsRobert HookUnited States, Since 1665.
Plant and animal classificationLinasSweden, Since 1735.
Polio vaccineJenai E syakUnited States, Since 1955.
PenicillinAlexander FlemingUnited Kingdom, Since 1929.
Germ theoryLouis pasteurFrance, Since 1885.
StetromaisinWaxed ManUnited States, Since 1945.
TeramisinPhinelUnited States, Since 1950.
Smallpox vaccineEdwin Genre United Kingdom
B.C.G. vaccineKyalsate and OyabinFrance, Since 1920.
Theory of evolutionCharles DarwinUnited Kingdom, Since 1858.
VirusI ibluejFrance, Since 1575.
Vitamin AMikulasUnited States, Since 1913.
Vitamin BMikulasUnited States, Since 1916.
Vitamin CPhallicNorway, Since 1912.
Vitamin DMikulasUnited States, Since 1922.
Malaria germsRonald RossFrance, Since 1880.
TuberculosisKacGermany, Since 1890.
Infectious fever vaccineNikolaiFrance, Since 1909.
WASA Man syphilis testWASA ManGermany, Since 1906.
Cancer associated genesRobert oyenbergAmerica, Since 1982.


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