The name of the inventor and his discovery — Physics

The name of the inventor and his discovery — Physics

Discovery, Inventor and Country Name

AutomobileDeimlar Germany, Since 1887.
AirplaneOrville Wright and Wilbur WrightUnited States, Since 1903.
Ball penJohn J. LoudUnited States, Since 1888.
ComputerDr. Howard H. aikenUnited States, Since 1939.
Cathode ray tubeBrukasEngland, Since 1878.
CementJoseph AspdinEngland, Since 1824.
CalculatorCharles babbageEngland, Since 1836.
Cash RegisterJames RittyUnited States, Since 1879.
CellophaneI.E. BrandenbergerSwitzerland, Since 1900.
DynamiteAlfred B. NobelSweden, Since 1867.
DayanamoS. FaradayUnited Kingdom, Since 1914.
Diesel EngineRudolf dieselGermany, Since 1895.
Electro CardiographyInthobhenNetherland, Since 1903.
Electric BatteryVoltaItaly, Since 1800.
Electric RazorsSuijUnited States, Since 1931.
Electric FanWheeler United States, Since 1882.
FilmThomas Álava edisonUnited States, Since 1919.
Fountain penLewis E. WatermanUnited States, Since 1884.
GramophoneThomas EdisonUnited States, 1878.
Gas TurbineKurtisUnited States, 1899.
Gas lighterMardocScotland, Since 1792.
Gasoline engineBretonUnited States, Since 1872.
Jet EngineOtainGermany, Since 1939.
Jet propulsionFrank huitalGermany, Since 1895.
Krone metersSir John HarrisonUnited States, 1875.
Pressure gaugeTarisiliItaly, Since 1643.
Steam shipPeriyarScotland, Since 1775.
SubmarineDavid bushnellUnited Kingdom, Since 1776.
Turbine shipPersonsUnited Kingdom, Since 1884.
Type WriterOyeliyan ChurchUnited States, Since 1822.
TarpodoRobert fulton United States, Since 1805.
TeletypeMackrusUnited States, Since 1928.
TelephoneAlexander grahambellUnited States, Since 1877.
TelevisionJohn L beardUnited States, Since 1925.
TelegraphF B memarsaItaly, Since 1610.
TelescopeGalileoUnited States, Since 1925.
TramJohn francisUnited States, Since 1858.
TractorHultUnited States, Since 1900.
TransformerStanleyUnited States, Since 1885.
TransistorBardin, makli and byatenUnited States, Since 1948.
TankSuintonUnited Kingdom, Since 1831.
ThermometersFahrenheitGermany, Since 1720.
X-rayRanjanGermany, 1895.
Oscillation clockHaijensNetherlands, Since 1657.
Safety matchJ. E l’yandastramSweden, Since 1855.
Metallic printing charactersGutenbergGermany, Since 1895.
Safety lightSir David humphreyUnited Kingdom, Since 1810.
PianoChristophoriItaly, Since 1709.
parachuteBincardFrance, Since 1797.
PistolKoltUnited Kingdom, Since 1835.
Printing PressKayaks tanUnited Kingdom, Since 1476.
PhotographyNipsFrance, Since 1830.
GunArmstrongUnited States, Since 1885.
Steam engineJames WattScotland, Since 1769.
RadioG markaniItaly, Since 1894.
BalloonManotaglip HairFrance, Since 1783.
Electric computerBreinredUnited States, Since 1942.
Electric lightThomas Álava EdisonUnited States, Since 1878.
Electrical photographyAirstarGermany, Since 1895.
Electric battery cellAlexander graham bellUnited States, Since 1787.
MicroscopeLiuyen hookNetherlands, Since 1590.
machine gunGatlingUnited States, Since 1861.
MotorbikeDaimlerGermany, Since 1885.
MicrometerGyasakijinUnited Kingdom, Since 1838.
MonotypeLanstonUnited States, Since 1887.
Motor carDeimarGermany, Since 1887.
Milking MachineKennedy olresUnited States, Since 1861.
Railway EngineStephensonUnited Kingdom, Since 1825.
Rocket engineRobert gardadUnited States, Since 1926.
RadarA. H. trailer and L. C. YoungUnited States, Since 1851.
Radio TelephoneDiphrestUnited States, Since 1906.
LoudspeakerLidh ForestUnited States, Since 1934.
StethoscopeRyan layenekUnited Kingdom, Since 1819.
StenographyIsaac pitmanFrance, Since 1839.
TalkiesOyanar brothersUnited States, Since 1926.
CinematographyThomas Álava Edison United States.
Safety razorKing GilletteUnited Kingdom, Since 1890.
BicycleMackmalinUnited Kingdom, Since 1839.
Sewing machineHoyaUnited States, Since 1846.
Spinning WheelSyamuyel kraspatanUnited States.
Spinning frameArkwrightUnited Kingdom, Since 1769.
HelicopterIgor sikorskiUnited States, Since 1939.
HarmoniumDobainUnited States, Since 1840.
Hydro metersBoymFrance, Since 1768.
AluminumUlarUnited States, Since 1886.
Geometric ScienceEuclid Greece.
Theory of relativityAlbert EinsteinGermany, Since 1905.
Wave theory of lightHaidensNetherlands, Since 1690.
Speed of lightRomar
Specific gravityArkimidisGreece
UraniumKlaproth Since 1939.
Theory of Uranium Division EinsteinUnited States, Since 1789.
ElectronThompsonUnited Kingdom, Since 1897.
Electron evolutionThompson and DevinUnited Kingdom and United States, Since 1936.
Indigo colorBayerGermany, Since 1880.
Ohms formulaOhamGermany, Since 1827.
Kasmik rayGokelSweden, Since 1910.
Laser rayT.H. maimanUnited States, Since 1960.
CalciumDaviUnited Kingdom, Since 1808.
Quantum theoryMax PlanckGermany, Since 1900.
Falling object FormulaGalileoItaly, Since 1590.
Artificial radioactiveJulie curieGermany, Since 1934.
RadiumMadame curie and Pierre curieFrance, Since 1898.
CalculusNewtonUnited Kingdom, Since 1670.
Speed FormulaNewtonUnited Kingdom, Since 1670.
Gravity FormulaNewtonUnited Kingdom, Since 1687.
The speed of the planetKepalarGermany, Since 1909.
Electro-magnetic forceAbdus SalamPakistan, Since 1979.
Electro-magneticOerstedFrance, Since 1819.
Electrical wavesHartzGermany, Since 1888.
Electrical ResistanceOhamGermany, Since 1827.
RadioactivityHenri bekarelFrance, Since 1896.
Electrical analysisFaradayUnited Kingdom, Since 1852.
NeutronSijukUnited Kingdom, Since 1931.
Nuclear DivisionAtohan and StrasmanGermany, Since 1939.
NiumaisinOyaksmanUnited Kingdom, Since 1949.
Nuclear break-FormulaRutherfordUnited States, Since 1919.
Plutonium DivisionKennedyUnited States, Since 1940.
Absolute temperature scaleSelbinUnited Kingdom, Since 1913.


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