List of national animals name and country name

Every country in the world to have a national animal. Here is given some of the country’s a list of national animal.

List of national animals name and country name

Country Name of animal
Argentina Jaguar
Bangladesh Royal Bengal tiger
Armenia Lion
Afghanistan Snow leopard
Belgium Lion
Angola Sable antelope
Australia Red kangaroo
Azerbaijan Karabakh horse
Belarus European bison
Belize Baird’s tapir
Bhutan Takin and Druk
Botswana Zebra
Cambodia Kouprey
China Giant panda, Chinese dragon
Costa Rica White-tailed deer
Cyprus Cypriot mouflon
Ethiopia Lion
Finland Brown bear
Greenland Polar bear
Item Description
India Royal Bengal tiger
Indonesia Komodo dragon
Israel Mountain gazelle
Jordan Oryx
Algeria Fennec Fox
Åland Islands Red Deer
Anguilla Fallow Deer
Kenya Lion, Cheetah, African elephant
Kuwait Arabian Camel
Lebanon Striped Hyena
Liberia Lion
Lesotho Black Rhinoceros
Libya Barbary Lion
Luxembourg Lion
Malta Kelb tal-Fenek
Mexico Golden eagle
Morocco Barbary Lion
Monaco European Rabbit, European Hedgehog, Wood Mouse
Mozambique African Elephant
Myanmar Tiger
Nepal Cow
Norway Elk
Pakistan Markhor, Snow leopard
Paraguay Pampas Fox
Papua New Guinea Dugong
Peru Vicuña
Poland European Bison
Philippines Carabao
Portugal Iberian Wolf
Qatar Oryx
Russia Russian bear, Siberian Cat
Saint Kitts and Nevis Vervet Monkey
Rwanda African Leopard
Romania Lynx
Saudi Arabia Arabian Camel, Arabian Wolf, Arabian red Fox, Arabian Horse
Somalia Leopard
South Africa Springbok
Spain Bull
South Korea Tiger
Sri Lanka The Royal Lion
Taiwan Formosan Black Bear
Thailand White Elephant
Tanzania Giraffe
Togo Hippopotamus
Turkey Gray Wolf
Vietnam Dragon, Water Buffalo, Tiger
Wales Welsh Dragon
Zimbabwe Sable Antelope

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