List of National Birds Name and Countries Name

Every country in the world to have a national bird. Here is given some of the country’s a list of national birds name.

List of national birds and countries name

Country Name of Bird
United Kingdom European robin
United States Bald eagle
Germany Golden eagle
Finland Whooper swan
Bangladesh Oriental magpie robin
India Indian peacock
Japan Green pheasant
Australia Emu
Bhutan Common raven
Iceland Gyrfalcon
Hungary Saker falcon
Nepal Himalayan monal
Indonesia Javan hawk-eagle
Myanmar Burmese peacock
Sweden Common blackbird
France Gallic rooster
New Zealand Kiwi
Egypt Golden eagle
Mexico Golden eagle
Iran Nightingale
Turkey Redwing
South Africa Blue crane
Sri Lanka Sri Lanka junglefowl
Austria Barn swallow
Papua New Guinea Raggiana bird of paradise
Afghanistan White-tailed eagle
Argentina Rufous hornero
Bahrain White-cheeked bulbul
Belgium Common kestrel
Brazil Rufous-bellied thrush
Cambodia Giant ibis
Chile Andean condor


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