National Flowers Name and Country Name

List of national flowers name and country name

A national flower is a plant species that represents a country’s culture and identity, chosen for its unique beauty, historical significance, and popularity. It serves as a symbol of pride and patriotism, and is often featured in important national events and occasions.

Every country in the world to have a national flower. Here is given some of the country’s a list of national flowers.

Country Name of flower
Bangladesh Water Lily
India Lotus
Iran Red Rose
Iraq Rose
Ireland Shamrock
Sri Lanka Water Lily
South Africa Protea
Pakistan Poet’s Jasmine
England Tudor Rose
Afghanistan Tulip
Austria Edelweiss
Bhutan Blue Poppy
Bahrain Sunflower
Belgium Red Poppy
Belize Black Orchid
Bermuda Blue-eyed Grass
Bohemia Thyme
Maldives Pink Rose
New Zealand Kowhai
Philippines Sampaguita
Singapore Orchid
China Plum Blossom
Syria Jasmine
Nepal Rhododendron
Argentina Ceibo
Australia Golden Wattle
Belgium Red Poppy
Brazil Cattleya Orchid
Bolivia Kantuta
Bulgaria Rose
Canada Maple Leaf
Colombia Christmas Orchid
Czech Republic Rose
Costa Rica Guaria Morada
Croatia Iris Croatica
Cuba Butterfly Jasmine
Cyprus Rose
Denmark Marguerite Daisy
Ethiopia Calla Lily
Ecuador Rose
Egypt Lotus
Finland Lily-of-the-Valley
France Iris
Greece Bear’s Breech
Germany Knapweed
Honduras Orchid
Hong Kong Orchid
Hungary Tulip
Greenland Willow Herb
Guyana Water Lily
Iceland Mountain Avens
Italy Stylized Lily
Jordan Black Iris
Japan Chrysanthemum
Kazakhstan Lily
Kuwait Rhanterium Epapposum
Libya Pomegranate blossom
Liberia Pepper
Laos Champa Flower
Luxembourg Rose
Madagascar Poinciana
Netherland Tulip
Paraguay Jasmine-of-the-Paraguay
Tonga Red-blossomed Heilala
Switzerland Edelweiss
Poland Corn Poppy
Portugal Lavender
Romania Dog Rose
Russia Camomile
Republic of Molossia Common Sagebrush
Slovakia Rose
San Marino Cyclamen
Scotland Thistle
Seychelles Tropicbird Orchid
Sicily Carnation
Slovenia Carnation
Spain Red carnation
South Korea Rose of Sharon
Sweden Linnea
Turkey Tulip
Tahiti Tahitian Gardenia
Taiwan Plum blossom
Thailand Ratchaphruek
Ukraine Sunflower
United States Rose
United Kingdom Tudor Rose
Uruguay Ceibo Erythrina
Venezuela Orchid
Virgin Islands Yellow Elder
Yemen Arabian Coffee
Yugoslavia Lily of the Valley
Zimbabwe Flame Lily

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