Some important english technical terms – Question and Answer

Some Important English technical terms – Question and Answer

1. Q: Do you know what is “Yellow-dog contract” ?
Ans: Yellow-dog contract is an agreement between owner and employee for not to being a member of a trade union or labour union in the United States specially. Such act was cancelled in 1932 under the Norris-La Guardia act.

2. Q: What is “Yellow Journalism” ?
Ans: When a lots of news and views are published in any newspaper or megazines which are unreal or negative or sensational those are called yellow journalism.

3. Q: “Alma mater”. What does it mean ?
Ans: A school or University or an educational institution where one took education or at present taking education that is called Alma Mater.

4. Definition of “Assessment” .
Ans: To ascertain tax on anything is called Assessment.

5. Q: What is “Autocracy” ? Does anyone like Autocracy ?
Ans: Selfwilled Government. By his system a Govt. or Governing body direct the country willingly not showing any explanation or transperancy to any medium. It is fully unwelcome, unwanted or unexpected by the citizen of a country.

6. Q: Whare do we use “Yellow flag” ?
Ans: Yellow flag is used where it is confirmed that there are infectous diseases all around. Besides it is used for showing confined ships.

7. Q: Who is “Attache” ?
Ans: Assisting member of an ambassador. An attache is responsible to look after a section from the section of Education, Culture, Martial, Labour etc.

8. Q: What is “Balloon Barrage” ?
Ans: It’s a prevention system of war when one side manages to let fly balloons to stop air raid of enemy side. It is needed when one side of the war try to take rest or leisure for sometime.

9. Q: Do you know what “Belligerent” is ?
Ans: Countries who are engaged in fighting / frenziedly fighting or preparation for war.

10. Q: What does it mean “Blue Books” ?
Ans: The statement book of Royal court/ special court/ durbar of England. Its cover is blue. So it is named after that reason.

11. Q: What is “Black shirt” ?
Ans: The fascist group of Mussolini in Italy. He created this as his political by-pass. It was formed in 23 March, 1923 and deactivated in 29 July, 1943.

12. Q: Which situation we called “Brain Drain” ?
Ans: A lots of trained educated people go to abroad because of earning money, high job, business etc. It is seen especially in undeveloped country or developing countries very much. For that reason, such countries lose their educated people or committed person of skill and suffer a lot. This situation is called brain drain.

13. Q: What is “Blue laws” ?
Ans: It is an act to interfere on personal freedom. This act is enormously introduced and applied in the USA.

14. Q: “Cheap money” what does it mean ?
Ans: It is the situation of that time when the bank or profit rates are low than any other time.

15. Q: Do you know what “Warrant” is ?
Ans: It is a written order of an authority especially police Thaana/station. It is given by the authority to arrest anyone for searching or investigating.

16. Q: What is “Buffer State” ?
Ans: Buffer state means to establish an independent or neutral country in the middle of two large and powerful country for removing confliction or warlike situation.

17. Q: When does “Civil war” happen ?
Ans: It’s a war which is being happened between the Government and the Indigenous hostiles or rebels. It’s an unexpected war for every nation. When the people of a country lose their confidence on their Govt. or Authority, then it is confirmed to run.

18. Q: “Capitulation” means what ?
Ans: Capitulation means to surrender to the enemy group on the settled condition. But, during this surrender time such conditions are very humiliating /insulting.

19. Q: What is “Bureaucracy” ?
Ans: Bureaucracy means centralization of ruling Government’s power to the different portfolio /bureau and unnecessary interferes by the permanent Govt. service holder on various subjects.


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