The world’s Religion

The world’s Religion


Promoter : Aryan Rishi Mass
Holy book : Holy Vedas
Prayer Center : Temple
Sanctuary : Gaya, Kashi, bindaban (India)



Promoter : Jesus Christ
Holy book : Holy Bible
Prayer Center : Church
Sanctuary : Holy city (Jerusalem)



Promoter : Hazrat Muhammad (SAW)
Holy book : Holy Al-Quran
Prayer Center : Mosque
Sanctuary : Mecca and madina (Saudi Arabia)



Promoter : Gautama Buddha
Holy book : Holy Tripitak
Prayer Center : Pagodas
Sanctuary : Buddha Gaya



Promoter : Guru Nanak
Holy book : Holy book Sahib
Prayer Center : Gurudwara
Sanctuary : Amritsar (India)



Promoter : Hazrat Musa (A.S.)
Holy book : Holy Taurat
Prayer Center : Sinamom
Sanctuary : Holy city (Jerusalem)

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