The world’s various country’s parliament name — North America, South America and Oceania Continent

The world’s various country’s parliament name

Europe Asia Africa
North America South America Oceania

North America Continent

Country Name Parliament Name
Canada Parliament
United States Of America Congress
Bahamas Parliament
Dominica House of Assembly
Barbados Parliament
Jamaica Parliament
Saint Kitts and Nevis Dollar
Saint Vincent and grenadines National Assembly
Belize National Assembly
Saint Lucia Parliament
Trinidad and Tobago Parliament
Antigua and Barbuda Parliament
El Salvador Legislative Assembly (Asamblea Legislativa)
Cuba National Assembly of People’s Power (Asamblea Nacional del Poder Popular)
Mexico Congress of the Union (Congreso de la Unión)
Panama National Assembly (Asamblea Nacional)
Grenada Parliament
Costa Rica Legislative Assembly (Asamblea Legislativa)
Dominican Republic National Congress (Congreso Nacional)
Haiti National Assembly (Assemblée nationale)
Nicaragua National Assembly (Asamblea Nacional)
Honduras National Congress (Congreso Nacional)
Guatemala Congress of the Republic (Congreso de la República)

South America Continent

Country Name Parliament Name
Brazil National Congress (Congresso Nacional)
Argentina Argentine National Congress (Congreso de la Nación Argentina)
Columbia Congress (Congreso)
Uruguay General Assembly (Asamblea General)
Chile National Congress (Congreso Nacional)
Guina National Assembly
Surinam National Assembly (Nationale Assemblée)
Ecuador National Assembly (Asamblea Nacional)
Bolivia National Congress (Congreso Nacional)
Peru Congress of the Republic (Congreso de la República)
Venezuela National Assembly (Asamblea Nacional)
Paraguay Congress (Congreso)

Oceania Continent

Country Name Parliament Name
New Zealand House of Representatives
Tubelu Parliament (Palamene)
Nauru Parliament
Australia Parliament of Australia
Kiribati House of Assembly (Maneaba ni Maungatabu)
Palau National Congress (Olbiil era Kelulau)
Solomon Islands National Parliament
Marshall Islands Legislature (Nitijela)
Fiji Parliament
Micronesia Congress
Papua New Guinea National Parliament
Tonga Legislative Assembly
Vanuatu Parliament (Parlement)
Samoa Legislative Assembly (Fono)


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