The world’s various country’s system of governance and government

The world’s various country’s system of governance and government

System of governance and government

Country’s Name System of Governance Government
India Democracy Prime minister
Bangladesh Democracy Prime minister
Bahrain Democracy Prime minister
Turkey Democracy Prime minister
Norway Democracy Prime minister
Canada Democracy Prime minister
Israel Democracy Prime minister
Brazil Democracy President
Iran Democracy President
Philippine Democracy President
Maldives Democracy President
Russia Democracy President
France Democracy President
United States Democracy President
Pakistan Democracy President
Taiwan Democracy President
Afghanistan Democracy President
Cambodia Constitutional monarchy Prime minister
Spain Constitutional monarchy Prime minister
North Korea Socialism President
China Socialism Prime minister
Nepal Constitutional monarchy Prime minister
Japan Constitutional monarchy Prime minister
United Kingdom Constitutional monarchy Prime minister
Sweden Constitutional monarchy Prime minister
New Zealand Constitutional monarchy Prime minister
Brunei Saltanat Sultan
Bhutan Monarchy King
Sri Lanka Democracy President
Germany Democracy Chancellor
Poland Democracy Prime minister
Cuba Socialism President
Finland Democracy Prime minister
Chile Democracy President
Argentina Democracy President
Columbia Democracy President
Cameroon Democracy President
South Africa Democracy President
Romania Democracy President
Zimbabwe Democracy President
Venezuela Democracy President
Nicaragua Democracy President
Kostarika Democracy President
South Korea Democracy President
Mexico Democracy President
Ghana Democracy President
Kenya Democracy President
Indonesia Democracy President
Australia Democracy Prime minister
Iraq Democracy Prime minister
Oman Democracy Prime minister
Qatar Democracy Prime minister
Greece Democracy Prime minister
Singapore Democracy Prime minister
Thailand Democracy Prime minister
Italy Democracy Prime minister
Austria Democracy Prime minister
Ireland Democracy Prime minister
Jordan Democracy Prime minister
Kuwait Monarchy Aamir
Malaysia Constitutional monarchy Prime minister
Denmark Constitutional monarchy Prime minister
Belgium Constitutional monarchy Prime minister
Netherlands Constitutional monarchy Prime minister
Saudi Arabia Monarchy Baadshah
Syria Dictatorship President
Libya Dictatorship President
United Arab Emirates Monarchy Aamir
Uruguay Republic Executive
Uzbekistan Republic Executive
Tanzania Republic Executive
Ukraine Republic Executive
Switzerland Republic Executive
Turkmenistan Republic Executive
Togo Republic Executive
Tajikistan Republic Executive

Data Source : Wikipedia

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